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Make a fabric calla lily

Hello it’s #noisytuttuesday again. Your beautiful wishes for the lovers in the last two posts inspired today’s subject- beauty. ...
baby rhino upcycled textile doll sitting on the desk playing

Patching a gap

The small bundle of fabric in my hands, now, looks more organic, than the old clothes that it is made of. I held it close to the desk lamp t...
Slow stitching on a rest day. sewing in progress.

Rest Day Work

Beep. Off went the air-conditioner, I walked out of my bedroom. I found hubby sitting at the balcony. The temperature is cooler than usual. ...

For Adoption

cuddle dolls

Sits your on shoulder
Whispers into your ear
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Pocket Dolls

Fits in your pocket
Never leaves you

art Dolls

each series has a story to tell
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Yay! They wrote back!

Hi, I'm Marn.

I draw, mostly with fabric, and some times with ink. I am obsessed with sharing my reality.