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baby hippo textile doll handmade by noisybeak

Quilted sleeping bag

Baby hippo‘s stayed much longer than I had intended. It has been a good few days after adoption, long past my usual shipping window. P...

Soft Kookies anxiety dolls

I’ve spent weeks making the Dandelion Darlings. They are flexible, the limbs bend and joints rotate 360. They pose almost any way I can th...
comparing all 4 of my soft toy chicken revisions

Soft toy chicken design revisions

Continuing with my series of furry animal dolls, I added a soft toy chicken to the mix. Roy my 2nd chicken doll, a rooster, he would promptl...

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cuddle dolls

Sits your on shoulder
Whispers into your ear
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Pocket Dolls

Fits in your pocket
Never leaves you
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art Dolls

each series has a story to tell
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Hi, I'm Marn.

I draw, mostly with fabric, and some times with ink. I am obsessed with sharing my reality.