Customised Harry hammerhead shark doll

85 $110 $

Harry is an expressive fella and a whole lot of fun. He loves trying new things, and saves judgement for another day. Do you prefer a frowning shark? grumpy shark? Talk to me, and let's see how the expression plays out.


Product Description

How to customise Harry?

Base price includes:
  • Hammer head shark doll, you choose the front & back colour among my recommendations
  • 1 pair of swimming trunks for decency
  • Customised embroidered eyes, based on a nominated emotion, or image (I will send you an ink draft for approval before I start sewing)
Scary word – the extraaaaaas
  • If a clothing item is special to you or your recipient, you may wanna add that into the request. i.e. The frowning shark in the photo wears a black vest short suit with a chain, made according to the real person receiving the gift. 2 piece clothing set is 25 $
  • You have always wanted a shark on the moon? Or would you like some humans as shark bait? Place this order, and leave a note in the checkout, or just message me here or on instagram @noisybeak. You are only limited by my imagination.
The wait
  • If it all works out as planned, if will be shipped in approx 1 month.
  • Need it sooner? Talk to me, I may be able to step up the pace.


  • Hammer head shark


  • approximately 11-12″ from head to toe


  • Sits on his bum without support
  • Arms swivel 360 for posing
  • legs are attached and will dangled over the edge of a shelf

Face & Hair

  • Opse no hair whatsoever, you may request a wig in the extras.
  • Eyes embroidered to requested expression
  • Mouth can hold a small item like a ring or a key


  • One pair of swim trunks


  • Front: light shade of cream or white, or other colours may be available
  • Back: denim shades to be chosen

Processing & Shipping

Please see FAQ

If you have any questions, please send me a message here, or DM me on instagram @noisybeak. I will be happy to work things out with you.

Additional information

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swim trunks only, customised 2pc clothing set