Squirrel with posable 100% silk tail

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“Hee-ah! promise I won’t dig up your plants like I did with my maker’s. I’ll behave if you walk me everyday.”


This squirrel is made extra soft with a very flexible neck. It sits rather wonky, albeit without support. It has intuitive hand embroidered features, done free hand, made to capture the naive charm of small animals.

The tail is made of upcycled Chinese silk with major fraying. The flamboyant tail is supported by a piece of flexible wire, making it a joy to bend for balance and photo alike.

My favorite part is the belly with a piece of shredded silk, begs to be tickled.

Read about squirrel and cousins in this doll release.


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Product Description


  • squirrel


  • about 5″ head to toe excluding ears
  • curvy shape fits snuggly in small palms
  • short limbs that swivels 360 for posing


  • soft and tactile, if you throw it around, it even bounces a little
  • the 100% silk tail has embedded wire and can be shaped for play
  • great size for photography and posing with everyday items like mugs and plants

How it was made

  • your little squirrel was designed ground up from sketches to stitches
  • the sewing pattern is original and unique to each range of noisybeak dolls
  • all finishing is done by hand, therefore no two dolls are alike, just like you and me!


  • Surface: 100% reclaimed cotton and poly jersey knits
  • Tail: 100% Chinese silk brocade
  • Filling: cretalon poly fill + upcycled cotton


  • Contrast thread is used throughout the stitching for effect
  • Many seams are raw and fraying & will age with time
  • Eco doll is made of washed vintage, there may be tiny holes or stains on fabrics

What’s coming your way

  • Your doll will be in its own sleeping bag for comfort and cleanliness
  • Sleeping bag makes it easier to carry your pocket doll in handbag or as a mat for posing for photos in public.

Processing & Shipping


Worldwide registered shipping is 6 $ for the first pocket doll, and 3 $ for every subsequent pocket doll.


You can message me here, or DM me on Instagram @noisybeak. I will be happy to work things out with you.

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