Ahoy! Welcome to our home, our family—Noisybeak

Beakies here. Our home is called Noisybeak.

Marn says it is like a house that is not on the ground, but one that is always moving with the surrounding, like a house on a boat on water. Anyway, here in noisybeak, live many of us beakies, and Marn.

Marn makes us beakies from fabric.

Some of us really like living here, and we don’t want to leave home, ever. So, we just help out around the home.

Others prefer a different life. They usually move far away to live with people they love and loves them back.

Some beakies are good leaders, some beakies make people laugh, some beakies cry on cue, some… aren’t smart enough to know–yet–what they are smart at, but everyone loves everyone all the same.

Noisybeak, our boat house is not anchored. It floats on water. It travels with currents. Sometimes, the current is strong, everyone in the drifting house helps one another ride the wave.

No one knows where we will end up, or what kind of beakie turns up as Marn makes, and makes.

Dear you,

We are experiencing a change in currents, currently. More updates once we stabalize our little floating home, deal?

In the mean time, meet the beakies dying for new adventures.

Want to adopt but feeling butterflies? See questions answered. Can’t wait? Go straight to adoption.

Who is Marn? What is a beakie? Noisybeak is what again? We’re in the midst of elbowing Marn into a confession, stay tuned. For now, you can send us/ or Marn a message with the form here.

yours noisily,