textile art doll tortoise strains his neck and opens his mouth appears to be shouting at the top of his lungs
jackrabbit textile art fabric doll leans against the wall with her arms crossed
textile art doll of great white shark handmade with recycled fabric
textile artist doll of Gladys the otter with tilted head and cute chubby fingers
bearcat binturong textile doll
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Hi there, I'm Marn
I've been making beakies like these since 2017. The above catalog will forever be a work in progress. 

Starting in Feb 2020, I'm sending letters to people who asked about things in my head—creating (art) & consuming (everything else)— the aha moments possibly confused with utter nonsense. Subscribe to see if you like it.
When art works become available, they can be found in the shop.
Have questions? See FAQ or write to me. I answer my own emails.