Easter chicks on Easter special

Not only bunnies are in the spotlight, little chicks should not be forgotten.

A group of five are available on special price for Easter.

Unlike the gemstone bunnies which were hand-painted on expressive needlework, these pocket chicks are for play and handling.

From the Soft Kookies collection, every chick is made from upcycled soft cotton jersey, giving it a smooth and flexible feeling in your hand.

The main body is pierced with a sewing machine, and that’s it with the machine. All other parts and details are made by hand, including the freehand embroidered eyeballs.

I love the black silky chick with long lashes!

Each one has dangling legs from upcycled trims, that ends with a knot to give it bounce when handled.

Every chick will be shipped via register mail in it’s sleeping bag.

See the chicks in the shop on special Easter pricing.


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