Easter gemstone bunnies

It’s the time of the year for bunnies. There are lots of bunnies and Easter egg craft around this time of the year. Why not combine them? I have three bunnies here, all in jewel tones with gold accents.

This is the first time the dolls are full hand painted.

First, unbleached cotton muslin shell is sewn together stitch by stitch, before it is stuffed densely with upcycled cotton.

These bunnies are very stiff. The hardness lies somewhere between a stuffed toy and a cotton-spun doll.


Bamboo sticks are embedded in the dolls, and planted in simple wooden blocks. The surface of the blocks are white varnished and glazed very roughly to provide an toned down shabby chic backdrop for the jewel toned bunnies.

At approximately¬†3 1/4 ” from head to toe, and the ears adding about 3 quarter inch, these miniature art dolls fit in your hand, and any tight corner of your display shelf.

I made three bunnies in this release. The purple is made without a stand like my usual pocket dolls. I figure it will be good in a doll house with calico creatures.

The rainbow and jade bunnies are on bamboo sticks, and fit on the wooden stand provided.

Removed from the stand, I think they will be great as cake toppers, or as a houseplant decoration.

The entire doll is stitched by hand, from my original sewing patterns.

Their facial features are all embroidered free-hand, no two are alike.

Some seams are closed and some are opened with frays for a look that is both modern and vintage.

Seams may appear bursting, and a little filling shows through on all bunnies.

Adopt them in the shop.


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