Hammerhead & kitty cat dolls

It is possible. Love conquers all.

Kitty and shark are ready to see the world, as a couple. They know that together, there is nothing they can’t overcome.


Did you see the video of their wedding?

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As a couple, they enjoy quiet time too. One thing doesn’t change though, you’ll never find them far from each other.

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All of their clothes are removable, in case they wanna dress up for a romantic dinner, or down for a hike.

Though, I don’t wanna imagine hammerhead dressing down further. I’ll be adding more wardrobe options soon. Fingers crossed. Maybe you can design something for them too. Let me know.

Don’t look at me. I don’t wanna know what they are up to.



They sit well on their own without support, though some balancing and muscle training may be required.

Each doll¬†measures 13-14″. What does that mean? That’s two of them in my arm. Sorry for the bad framing, the camera is too heavy to carry, reversed.

Check them out? They are in the shop.

Not ready for a couple, kitty has some unmarried friends.

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