Kitty cats for adoption

The cats are finally ready for adventures. I’m preparing them for the big scary world by getting them used to the outdoors on the veranda of my apartment.

The cats sit without support, some balancing may be required though, you have to know, they are very young.

Quite a sassy one with yellow eyes, black and white mode removable clothing and mary-janes.

The cats each wear a pair of removable frilly pants. That’s not a typo, it’s not a skirt it’s a pair of pants, so she can climb and jumpy without embarrassing herself.

By the way, they have a friend who got married. Kitty white is now a Mrs to Hammer Sharky .

The cape she wears is reversible, 2 styles in one. Her mary janes are removable too.

Basically, kitties can be stripped naked, as I intend to make more clothes for them in the future releases.

Her limbs and legs are soft and dangle just right for posing demurely. The tail, on the other hand, just coils back, nothing I can do about it, it’s just the thing they do.

Hand embroidered facial features for every cat. They are all drawn and then sewn onto the faces, without a template, therefore, every cat is one-of-a-kind, everyone has a slightly different expression, and I then make clothing to match their personalities.

If she gets soiled, she can be wiped with wet cloth. A shower is possible too, if the sun is out, weather is dry, and laundry dries within the day. She may take 2 days.

Just being a cat on a sunny afternoon.

Demeow pose.

This blue one looks more contemplative than her pink friend above. She likes to take things slow, no wonder she has a snail friend.

Her tail curls a different way from her friend.

Both kitties are ready for the world.


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