Meet the ice cream bears

” I asked Mama about my scars and why there are holes all over my body. She says that’s what life does to me, but I’m resilient, and I am still standing. I’m looking forward to living the life I know I’m capable of: making new friends, climbing tall trees, and having new adventures.”

Meet the bears

Raspberry clay

With a big head and aubergine embroidered features in shades of pink, this bear may be easily mistaken for a sheltered baby. Look closer, little bear has many battle scars, and even a patch on the back of the neck.


Blueberry sky

A spectrum of blues and shimmery features, this bear is determined to reach the sky.  At a glance, the little feet may look blackened with soil, look again, you will see the rainbow.


Ocean mint

Swirls of turquoise, blue and white, with frayed swirls for ears, this little one is often found dancing to the rising tides.


Clementine shine

Mix of orange and sunshine yellow, this little bear is a hybrid in every way like its name. Innocent in thoughts and pure in heart, but gifted with the enormous power of the shiny claws.

Arctic electric

A feathery mix of lavender and powder blue gives this bear a soft appearance. Look closely at its cheeky smile, it is always firing up new electric ideas to improve the world around.

What they represent

These bears are imperfect.

Every bear came alive by stitches made with my hands. Stitch by stitch.

The stuffing shows through the partially torn and mended seams, hinting their past.

Neither hiding nor “wearing the scars proud” like people are fond of parroting these days.

They acknowledge that this is a part of their identity, and face the world with faith and innocence.

Cute as they are, and so much more.

They stand for what they believe in.

With faith, they are ready for the world, again. And, again…

Meet the bears in the shop.


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