• A lug handmade doll leaning against a column in the garden

    Quantum magic slug

    It could be a Bonds suit but I can’t be sure. I was so quick in cutting the label off clothes I wont and can’t wear. The biggest baby wondersuit is for 24-36 months. Been making dolls so long don’t know how not to. Seasoned, jaded or a zealous dollmaker I can’t decide, but without […]

  • feminist protest textile art dolls made of recycled fabric

    Dollmaking as resistance

    “Hear us now”, I shouted standing on a trash bin, among so many others like myself, around which cars had to part. But only in my mind. Most of my life, I lived in a place in which such action could have me jailed. Oh no, I don’t want to be physically jailed too. Help […]

  • Mighty girl Hannah

    Hannah wanted a different life. She moved onto land. Sometimes she gets so tired she can’t walk, she goes to the beach to hear the familiar music of home.

  • Jack Russell Flexi artist recycled textile doll @

    Jack Russell Flexi

    A bad dream woke him. Flexi sat up, crows cawed. He looked up and said to the cloudy sky, thanks for the challenge. I will turn this into a beautiful day. Flexi looks at you one second, future you the next. He’s decided. He runs. Jumps. And kisses you all the same.