Who, what, why Noisybeak?

After I left my last job working with clothes, I felt lost.

I was looking for something.

When I wasn’t backpacking, I was trying new art mediums.

Both are some kind of explorations I guess.

Then, I began to spent more time at home.

The brimming samples, toiles and textile waste troubled me.

I’m sure you already know my next move.

It was both logical and emotional.

I used what I have, and what I know.


Longing. Inquiry, Angst. Disappointment. Fear. Mischief.

All that, and more, that makes us human, are channeled into the dolls.

My dolls,

My noisy friends.

They don’t take no for an answer.

Textile, Art & Me

I hand stitch dolls from upcycled textiles.

Exquisite, perfect, pretty–all these my dolls are not.

Like me, my dolls are real with failures, struggles and scars.

It’s not just for the environment that I repurpose materials.

The act of reclaiming honours stories yet to be told.

It’s a dialogue between the material and me; their past, and mine.

After much listening, expressions are drawn with thread.

Then, the doll comes alive, with a past written on its skin, now ready to rewrite its narrative. 

Hi, I’m Marn. I’m a textile doll artist.

a textile doll waiting to be assembled
A textile doll waiting to be assembled.

This sketch first appeared on @noisybeak on instagram.