Koala Avril

Tiniest frays, trims, ribbons, seams of jeans, shirts and curtains,

They say it’s a mess,

She says it’s for the best,

She climbs the tallest branch, spread her frilly arms and whoosh she plunges into the clouds.

Cat Lord Tangleton

The thick and coarse upholstery fabric fibres wrap up bits and and pieces of throwaways. Tangled fibres matted conceals the path he took to get here.

Empire building is not not easy, not easy at all to trample upon souls. Considers the blood that stained him, Lord Tangleton wears the veneer of innocence damn well.

Bat Eduardo

Co-creating with serendipity. She traded full creative control for tenderness. The result is a silly bat she didn’t know she’d dearly love.


A knot atop a knot sat there while I made this and that. Winter was here then spring came, to him I tied three different scraps. He grew tall and patient. One summer day he got these things that look like wings. Ah, now he looks enough of something that I can call it something like a moth! A butterfly! A paper plane with a head! Yes, very well. Now that I know where it is, what it is, and that it is has a persistent shape in my head, I can safely put it on the table again.

I took in enough of it’s shape in my head now I know what it is, that it is in my head in one piece instead of 389.

Found some eyes. He wanted them. Someone else’s arms becomes his ears, that don’t look like ears, but are he says so.

He chose them the safety orange fuzz like how we reach for water on a hot day. He doesn’t see well, safety orange instead get him seen. And a tongue to lick sweat in the air but who cares.

Mighty girl Hannah

Hannah wanted a different life. She moved onto land. Sometimes she gets so tired she can’t walk, she goes to the beach to hear the familiar music of home.

Jack Russell Flex

A bad dream woke him. Flex sat up, crows cawed. He looked up and said to the cloudy sky, thanks for the challenge. I will turn this into a beautiful day.

Flex looks at you one second, future you the next. He’s decided. He runs. Jumps. And kisses you all the same.

Greyhound Claudia

She sits. She looks at you looking at her. She looks away at the butterfly then back at you. You smile, she smiles. She’s Claudia.

Claudia asks what’s in the night sky. You stretched out your hand. She sits. You lift her up. Her eyes twinkle. Stars twinkle.

Jeans waistband twisted origami style became a shape that could be any four legged animal. I stitched onto her a skin of faded black t shirt. Smooth and long, they could be a slender grey dog. But too weak to strike out on her own. They’d need boundaries, in the form of thinned stretch denim, protecting the soft inside surrounding a strong core.

Cat Erwin

One eye on darkness, one eye on light, the pendulum of his bushy tail guides Erwin to balance.

Cat Silvia

A ball of old clothes, shredded, gathered, a fluff ball, stitched, loved, a companion

Clouds parted, moon shines, Silvia listens.

Brown bear Rowan

Rowan plants his feet in the ground, his head reaches for the sky, everything is golden.

Head in the clouds, one by one, Rowan tastes the stars. He likes berries for breakfast and acorns for lunch. For dinner, he’ll have them all.

Brown bear Barbara

Night after night Barbara watches the sky, memorising patterns of the stars. Should the sky ever fall, she would get stitching on her star quilt for us all.