Brown bear Woody

When I stitched him on the left, he squirmed to the right, when I covered his bottom, his drooped his neck. I gave up and left him alone. Woody straightened his back, cast his eyes straight ahead. Then he wriggled to the fluttering birds and their song.

Took me a long time tightening his threads a few millimeters here and there when he wasn’t watching. I told him he needs a sturdy body to keep dancing, he says but he wants to be receptive. So here Woody is, strong and not hard, soft and not weak.

Mighty girl Bobbi

Into this world, against her will, she was born. Bobbi tumbled and fell, got up and walked, with others on the same path.

Mighty girl Jacki

Into this world, against her will, she was born. Jacki feels the fire. She burns it for fuel, kindling spirits.

Mighty girl Wilma

Into this world, against her will, she was born. Her 360° vision is too wide to be framed in. Wilma does not see left or right but everything becomes this whole world.

Mighty girl Anya

Anya dreams to wake and wakes to dream. She weaves dreams with reality. She chooses a new world.

Moon bear Ben-Ben

Ben-Ben is busy, waiting, for apples t fall from the sky..

He can’t tell them apart. Cherries, apples or pineapples, sun bears, moon bears or human beats, Ben-Ben sees no difference at all.

Ben-Ben listens to silence sing him a sweet song.

Sun bear Matilda

Eyes wide opened, Matilda watches the dancing dragonflies. She closes her eyes and she flies.

The world grew bigger when Matilda made herself smaller.

Matilda watches. She takes on all of sun’s creation. Inside her, she has the mountains the rivers and the sky.

Butterfly Anthony & piglet Pegasus

Pegasus says to Anthony, I’ll be your flower Anthony. Anthony days to Pegasus, I’ll be you’re wings Pegasus.

On the moon, there is a butterfly with a flower and a pig with wings.

Frogustus recycled Textile art doll 1

Frog Frogustus

No matter where they say it is, Frogustus finds joy his way.

He holds up his webbed hand. The sun shines between stitched scraps that became Augustus.

He doesn’t know whom he is asking or what he is asking. Who ever is listening, please tel them Frogustus called.

With webbed hand on his patches heart, Frogustus asks the moon for tenacity, to hold it together when threads need rest.

Gordon shark recycled textile art doll 1

Shark Gordon

He didn’t mean to, but when what’s normal for everybody overwhelms him, Gordon can’t keep up with the arbitrary rules.

When no one was watching, Gordon interrogates the night sky. Why give me strong teeth and a weak heart?

He plunged. All that he feared surrounded him. He said hi to everyone. Everyone said, Hi Gordon. They tickled him a bit and teased him a little. Then they left. Gordon thanked the moon for chasing darkness away.