Sea turtle Howard

Flipper on his heart beating strong against his chiffon thin shell, Howard says to fishes, crustaceans and cephalopods, let’s go, let’s fly out of the deep and go dancing with the stars.

His shell is too thin to hide in, legs too short to run with, Howard is born for flight, from ocean floor to infinite sky.

Maddie Mighty Girl – be kind

Mighty Girls watch the world on fire, and burn inside. Maddie isn’t Maddie because she’s mad. Maddie is mad about the mad mad world.

Tasha Mighty Girl – compassion

The world burns, Mighty Girls feel the fire. As sensitive to impending storm as she is to the pulse of a fly, Tasha is unwell. She slapped a slogan to stop her heart from bleeding.

Dachshund Melanie recycled textile art doll 1

Dachshund Melanie

When they laughed at her for her short legs, she wasn’t bothered.

She knows she’s closer than they are, to the ground from which all lives spring,

When she straightens her back, sits up, and reaches for the sky, she’s among the stars.

Jerry chihuahua recycled textile art doll 1

Chihuahua Jerry

Jerry isn’t at all aware of his small stature. Who would? With his big head, big ears and big eyes, big smile, big brain and big heart?

In face of fire, Jerry burns brighter.

Fluffster fluffy white dog recycled textile art doll 1

Fluffy white pup Fluffster

Fluffster knows he can’t know it all, so he doesn’t bother at all.

Seeing is not knowing, knowing needs no seeing. Fluffster brushed his hair away from his eyes because of this photoshoot.

Cavalier puppy Ruth textile art doll

Cavalier Ruth

She’s been told she doesn’t worry enough to take things seriously.

She doesn’t know what it means to worry, or to be serious.

Ruth does know how to smile, with her bulgy thread eyes, tangled ears, and every fabric scrap she’s made of, melting problems miles away.

Greyhound Chimney

Chimney is made from a grey t shirt, not dark not to light not warm cool, just somewhere between everything. He squeals at a quivering grass, whimpers when snail slows, tap dances when it drizzles. Even middle grey can’t conceal what he’s made of. It spills everywhere he was joined. When he says he likes you, he means it.