Finding on a Changed Path

a handmade cushion of a cat staring out from the window of a house

Down a few steps, turn left, walk a hundred steps, cross a small private road mostly accosted by pigeons, and I’m at the park. Instead, I turn left before crossing, round a dark bend, pass the construction site, to casually pass by a glass fronted house. I keep passing by, to see or to be seen I do not know or did it matter.

Guarded by a black faced white cat and a white faced ginger cat. From the distance, I thought they were sculptures, until the sleepy eyes followed me behind the fence.

When I come home to my front door, noisy miners sound their alarm, announcing my unwelcome.

I had wanted to draw on cardboard, and place them at the window. I don’t have paint. My rental is fully carpeted.

The garage function as a freezer or an oven but never in between.

From the old worn clothes collected in the neighbourhood, the lucky draw was a penguin toddler tee.

I stuffed it to the point it stands, like cardboard would have stood at the window as the two cats do, meowing me home.

Torn fabric painted the face.

I wanted to tell you more about how it was made. I know what got me started, I know what I ended up with, but I have no recollection of the process between.

I’ve always been asked what are my inspirations, to which I’ve struggled coming up with an answer. On IG today, inspired while still in bed, I answered’the state between awake and asleep’.

The space between consciousness and unconsciousness comes in many names such as meditative, flow-state, trippy… etc. The most relatable is perhaps the word ‘play’.