Hammer head sharks

I grew up in an urban jungle. The closest I was got to nature was the aquarium.

I loved watching fishes, big and small, in all colours moving behind the glass. There are so many of them and so few of us humans, I feel like we were being watched instead.

The favorite part of any visit is the travellator through a glass tunnel. The inside of the tunnel is dark, illuminated only by sunlight filtered through the water above my head. When I looked up, there they are, sharks. We usually catch a glimpse of these predators from afar. As soon as we spot the triangular back fin, we run for our lives. But here in the tunnel, I was under their bellies.

On the travellator, I would walk in reverse direction, so I would never exit. I walk and I wait, for my favorite to appear. You guessed it. The hammer head shark, from the underside, is but a frowny guy.


Every shark has a mouth that opens on squeezing. The cushioned mouth also doubles as a treasure keeper for small items, like a tooth or rings.

The upcycled board shorts is removable and interchangable with other dolls in the series.

The arms swivel for posing.

The hammer heads have surfaced in the shop

Flower pants

Car pants

Neon pants