Soft Kookies

In memory of my doggie boy.

Born with deformities. His eyes were't quite in the same spot on the left and right sides of his face. His tongue was always hanging out on one side, right from the day we adopted him.

He loved socks. He used to steal from the laundry basket, and stashed it away in his cardboard house with recycled linen. He didn't like it when we washed his belongings. Everything he touched was his. He was a stinky hoarder.

I loved him all the same.

Rest in peace my boy.

Nothing is ever gonna compare. But, I tried.

handmade shitzu pup play doll

I made 6 versions of him.

Every shitzu dog comes with his/ her own sock.

They get jealous of others' new patterns. Share with them your collection.

He loves his sock. Will you spare him some of yours?

A dog will do anything for you.

Anxiety companions

Squishy, floppy,
handmade OOAK,
perfectly frayed, raw,
proudly garish,
100% quiet & loyal.

Dolls for adoption

shitzu dog pocket anxiety doll
handmade shitzu play doll pocket size


handmade shitzu play doll pocket size
shitzu dog cute doll with big eyes
Blue chicken art worry doll with a pink beak. handmade with raw edges // noisybeak
Brown chicken art doll. Handmade raw edges // Noisybeak
black rabbit soft kookie anti stress doll // noisybeak
handmade shitzu play doll pocket size
Yellow Chicken anti stress poclet art doll // Noisybeak
Floral eyed handmade chicke soft art pocket doll // Noisybeak

They rest well while on their way to you.

pocket soft kookie in sleeping bag. it is a anxiety pocket doll
Each pocket doll comes with its own sleeping bag.

The bag is good for carrying your little friend out in your purse when you need some company.
Isabella Svensk @chrisobello
Marn, one of the most creative crafters on all of instagram just sent me the best package ever! She sent me one of her hand-made dolls and a Super-cute hand made brooch! The doll is made from recycled fabric and it even has a little pink Bell around it's neck! I think you all should check out her instagram @noisybeak and see her kooky creatures for yourselves! Her imagination does really seem to run wild and all of her dolls are unique in more than one way! She also has an amazing sense of humour and although we've never met I consider her a friend!

The little ones rest well, so they can be good to you too.

dog doll playset

Each kookie comes with his/her favourite accessory.

They go anywhere with you.

In your pocket, or his/ her own.

They range from 5 1/2  to 7 inches tall, curvy, feels really nice to hold.