updated April 2022: It’s, still, pandemic! Postage services around the world is, still, reduced and delayed. Duration below is for pre-covid, prepare to wait much longer. But, beakies—who traveled during this period— have arrived in their destinations, have faith.

Where do you ship from?

Victoria, Australia

What shipping service do you use?

Australia Post.

For dolls: Standard Parcel Post. YES tracking NO signature

For zines: Normal Letter Post. NO tracking

Where do you ship to?

Everywhere Australia Post allows.

Due to pandemic and whatever else is happening in the world, not all destinations can be reached at the moment.

Post office informed me, only key countries can be confirmed at the moment. And, according to post office they are:

East Asia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, USA, UK

If your destination isn’t on the list or you cannot proceed with checkout, please contact me, I’ll be happy to check for latest updates at the post office.

How much does shipping cost & how long does it take?

Shipping cost is calculated at checkout page, after you chose your destination country from a drop down. But here are the numbers:


1 week

1st Doll – 101 AUD, every additional doll 2 AUD

1st Zine – 1 AUD, every 2 additional zines 1 AUD, free shipping with doll

New Zealand

2 week

1st Doll – 20 AUD, every additional doll 2 AUD

1st Zine – 2 AUD, every additional zine 1 AUD, free shipping with doll

East Asia , Europe , Canada , New Zealand , UK , USA

3-5 weeks

1st Doll – 30 AUD, every additional doll 4 AUD

1st Zine – 4 AUD, every additional zine 2 AUD, free shipping with doll

Rest of the world

5 weeks or more

1st Doll – 40 AUD, every additional doll 4 AUD

1st Zine – 4 AUD, every additional zine 2 AUD, free shipping with doll

How long does it take before you ship?

Pandemic alert: I can only ship AFTER a lockdown is over, which usually lasts from 1 week to 1 month.

I typically take a week to prepare and pack. After it is posted, tracking number will be sent to the email address you use on your Paypal.

How will my items be packed?

Each Pocket doll will be protected by a pocket or what I like to call ‘sleeping bag’ made from upcycled fabric. It is then shipped in an outer repurposed plastic envelop.

Packaging for other items varies. They will be protected from harm in the way best suits the individual. In doubt, ask me.


What is the currency displayed?

AUD$ Australian dollar.

What are the payment methods?


Payment will be made in AUD.

In your statement, payment may have been sent to ‘Noisybeak’ or ‘Man Wong’.


What are your art made of?

Works, sculpted or stuffed, are made from from 100% reclaimed textile.

All threads are new.

More on materials here.

Environmental responsibility


The making of my art pieces produces zero-waste with respect to textile. Odds and ends from the making of one soft sculpture is collected and repurposed in different fabric sculptures.


Art pieces are packed in diy repurposed packaging. With only printed materials on new reforested paper.

They are packed as minimally as is required for the protection of the particular piece, to reduce packaging as well as carbon footprint.


I will only use your shipping address for shipping to you. Your email address will only be used to communicate the order. I do not and will not sell or give away your information to anyone else.

I do not have access to your credit card or any other financial information. Only your name, address and email you have registered with Paypal is passed on to me, strictly for shipping and communications only.

Can’t find my question.

Contact me using or form here, or send me an email at noisybeak(at)gmail(dot)com. I answer my own mail! I will try to get back to you as soon as I have answers.

How do I get updates on new works?


To trace my art process, I’ve been recording contents of my head week by week. Every Sunday, I send out a summary together with my read/ watch/ listen/ eat list of the week. Some readers say they can trace the origins of beakies between the lines. Read letters from marn and subscribe.