Forget Forgetting

Peeling bark of a tree

She facilitates forgetting of what doesn’t come intuitively, to let naturalness emerge.

Braving the unforgiving afternoon sun in a wheeled tin can, we arrived at the library roasted, crunchy and charred, just to rid the pile of library books I’ve completely digested, the sight of which is no longer neccessary to be reminded of what I’ve learnt, they have become a part of me, the skin that peeled off just then.

I want to give away the projection sunset lamp that is more orange than the orange-red on the sales page, the dollar mugs bought in a jiffy replaced by 3 dollar second hand mugs bought with more consideration than my in-law buying a car, and the attachment to the life I’ve had so far.

They say every cell in our body is replaced every 7 years.

Delete everything. Anything that did not become a part of you falls away.

Forget retaining. Forget recalling. Forget forgetting. Watch your body glide through air.