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2 handmade artist bunny pocket dolls sitting side by side looking at the horizon

Handmade bunny reflection

Fast forward a few years, today, there are two more handmade bunnies in the #noisybeakfamily , in addition to Becca and Ruth. Today, clickin...
mini pocket girl doll with blue hair, looking down, contemplating

Finding my problem with art

What’s wrong with my art? Every new art projects has felt (to me) like it starts in a sprint on paved running track, before being plun...

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art Dolls

each has a story to tell

cuddle dolls

Sits your on shoulder
Whispers into your ear

Pocket Dolls

Fits in your pocket
Never leaves you


Yay! They wrote back!

Hi, I'm Marn.

I draw, mostly with fabric, and some times with ink. I am obsessed with sharing my reality. Read more about me in these posts.
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