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a group of mighty girl dolls conferring

The case for postcards

So it’s decided. I’m gonna impose myself upon those who have touched my life. Albeit remotely. Send something personal but not p...
a small girl doll holds the hand of an artist's bear

Being present faraway

My box of treasures Over the last few years, everything from tailored jackets to collectible  watches have been given away, high school...

Who, what, why Noisybeak?

After I left my last job working with clothes, I felt lost. I was looking for something. When I wasn’t backpacking, I was trying new a...
hand sewing textile art doll

Textile, Art & Me

I hand stitch dolls from upcycled textiles. Exquisite, perfect, pretty–all these my dolls are not. Like me, my dolls are real with failure...

For Adoption


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art Dolls

each has a story to tell
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Pocket Dolls

Fits in your pocket
Never leaves you


Yay! They wrote back!

Hi, I'm Marn.

I draw, mostly with fabric, and some times with ink. I am obsessed with sharing my reality. Read more about me in these posts.
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