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Cat doll step-by-step

Cain cat doll ready to be stuffed

This is a quick and easy cat doll base tutorial with a free download of the sewing pattern. Feel free to add arms & legs of different scale or stitch whatever doll face you want.

My Cain Cat doll measures from the tip of ear to his bottom is about 6″. He is sewn with recycled clothes. Specifically an old printed cotton mix tee shirt.

He is actually a derivation of Ken Cat Doll. I thought Ken is a little tall and therefore intimidating. I scaled the pattern down, making this new cat plush shorter and wider.

Enough of the pattern drafting gobbledygook.

Let’s start making the cat doll

As mentioned, I cut up an old top for the doll base. Yes, it’s not even a plain top. I quite like patterns on it, as long as it’s not across the face, which would make it too hard to see the features. Unless of course, that is an intended feature

Step 1

Cut 1 piece of front body & 2 pieces of back body

At this point, I usually stitch the eyes on. I just find it easier to make complex stitch patterns on a flat surface. Check out the tutorial for Cain Cat doll eyes here.


Step 2

Cut out 4 pieces for the arms and legs.

I cut out 4 identical rectangles. Then, rounded off one end as shown in the image below. Next, I cut 2 of the 4 pieces a little shorter. The 2 short pieces are arms, the longer 2 are legs.

Don’t worry too much about not having a pattern, I find myself making different shapes and length of limbs for variety.


Step 3

Sew the arms & legs

Fold the rectangle shape for limbs in the centre. Sew together to form a tube. Repeat with the other 3 so you get 4 tubes.

Step 4

Stitch arms & legs to the front body

Position the legs in the centre of the base of front body piece.

cat doll free pattern align the leg // Marn made it

Make sure that the leg seams are on top while you sew the legs down.cat doll free pattern, i like stitching the legs first, seams on top// Marn made it

After sewing the legs, do the same with the arms.cat doll free pattern, then add the arms to it like so. // Marn made it

The top of the arms can be positioned anywhere from the neck indent up to 1/2 inch lower, without looking too weird.

Step 5

Sew the 2 back body pieces into 1

Sew along the side with the tab, skipping the tab (which is to be kept opened for stuffing).

align the 2 back pieces of cat doll base

Now, open up the now-one-back-piece, and sew across the opening at the bottom.

stitch together, reshape the now-one-piece- into position

Step 6

Sew together front & back

Stitch all around the shape, making sure that all the limbs are kept inside when you sew around the border.

cat doll free pattern, put back piece on top of front piece, covering all arms & legs

Step 7

Turn inside out

Cain cat doll ready to be stuffed

And there you have it, a cat doll base.

Finish by stuffing and close with ladder stitches.

use ladder stitch to close up the tabbed area on body back, cain cat doll tutorial


Next, just stuff and close and you’re done. If any part of my instructions is unclear, or if you have any other questions, feel free to comment or drop me a note, I’ll try to answer them.




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