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Gather fabric trick

rooster pushie head comb wattle close up

I gather fabric a lot, mostly for doll dresses. An example would be the dress Becca Bunny Doll is wearing here.

Also, since being on Crafty Amino, I have been having lots of laughs making gifs using gif maker apps.

Combining the two ideas, I’ve decided to make quick gifs to convey the fabric gathering tip.

Get gathering

Pull out a length of thread towards you.

This is the top thread that goes from the spool that sits on top of your sewing machine, through the mysterious inner working of the mechanical parts, and comes to you after passing the through the eye of the needle.

You need a little more than the target length of fabric.

Pull out a length of thread that is slightly more than the gathered length of the fabric.


Zig-Zag stitch over the thread you pulled out.

Do not sew onto the pulled-out thread, but let the zig-zag encase it without touching.

sew zig zag for easy gathering

Almost there…

Now, hold the loose thread you pulled out earlier, while holding the other end tight,

how to gather the rooster comb quickly

There you go, gathered fabric, fast and easy.

In case you’re wondering why I’m gathering such a strange shape, this is actually the comb of Roy the rooster. I decided to gather the comb for 2 reasons.

  1. The head is spherical somewhat, and I didn’t want to measure the curvature of the comb to match that to the “skull”. By gathering the fabric, a natural adjustable curve is created, fast & easy.

  2. The comb has to stand away from the head. Instead of adding fusible web, I decided that adding structure by construction is an easier way to achieve the same effect.

Roy the rooster plushie can be a little crazy sometimes

Check out the post if you wanna see the work-in-progress post and how I made the chicken doll head.


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