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Mini Human Poseable Doll Armature

mini blank human doll base with wire armature

Using simple household materials, I made my first wire armature for a mini human plushie. Read on to see how it was made.

I love playing with dolls. Especially, my own dolls, a frozen snippet of my emotional state. What happens this state takes shape and have its own expanded life?

Dolls are great companions.

Greater if they can part take in things I do.

So far I’ve been making dolls with floppy bodies and limbs so they sort of hang on or cling to objects or the table edge, adding that much realism to the otherwise barebones facial expression.

Look at Gabby, my beloved round-faced girl.That’s about all she can do.

Gabby Doll sitting, blank doll base by Marn Wong // Marn Made It

Exploring the poseable

I found some floral wire in the store room, left over from a party earlier.

Then I dug up a half-finished mini human doll for the new experiment.

He is made from unbleached cotton muslin, wth hand embroidered eyes and facial features. No hair. Hair is really my nemesis.

mini human doll base wip, hand embroidered doll eyes

How to: posable doll armature

Using thin florist’s wire, I twisted the shape of my doll, making sure that it fits into the sewn doll.

doll and armature to be inserted

I stuffed the polyfill into the rings of the hands and feet first, as it will be hard to fill once inserted into the doll fabric.

mini doll armature made using florist wire

Then, I carefully place the wire frame into the fabric, before filling the doll with polyfill.

doll blank before stuffing

Here is the mini human posable doll armature after all that work.

His arms are a little too long, but I suppose it may be better for posing.

posable mini human doll

Look what he is capable of! I was told this is a kungfu move.posable doll blank armature doing kungfu gif


It is extremely fun and easy to make a wire armature for a tiny doll of this size (see photo above with my hand for scale).

The payoff for the extra work require is so worth it. The doll is now capable of doing the funniest things. I will pose photos of it doing such said things soon.

Look forward to making new poseable versions of my other animal friends.


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