letters from marn

letters from marn

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The way into the self shifts constantly. The experience of looking for the entrance while trying to live like a normal person is all but a blur.

Common sense tells me to keep a log. I tried. Really.

The only time I bother organising my mind stream is when friends express concern.

What’s in it?

In every letter, I share cooking hacks, good reads/ music/ tv, and revelations from the mundane.

I bring you behind the scene for work in progress and reveal my internal dialogue.

I will also inform you of beakies available for adoption.

Correspondence? Discussion? Note to self? Whatever they may be, week after week, the letter must surely form a pattern that aligns the stars.

Seek and find

I hope these letters become part of the conversations we could have, asking questions, while each of us journey in looking for our owns answers.


More on why

Stitching beakies by hand used to be a pain, and still is. Though a few years since, I’ve come to realise the struggle is a journey.

Initially I didn’t know where I was heading, I only knew I was seeking.

I was looking for a kaleidoscope through my half closed sleepy eyes. I was looking for the voice of contradiction when I was sure I’m right. I was looking for a silence that isn’t noisy.

Eventually, I’ve come to recognise—through art— I was journeying into the self, hidden beneath my skin.