What’s in it?

It started as updates of my art in progress, which morphed and moved back home to this site as blog posts.

Now, I can’t even tell you what it’s gonna be, but a weekly-ish spark in your inbox. Transmitting some human energy across the vast distance between us.

But why?

Because I need to feel like human sometimes, all the time.And I want humanness accessible for all.

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How this letter got started, sentiments remain true, but doesn’t apply specifically to this letter thing anymore:  

Stitching beakies by hand used to be a pain, and still is. Though a few years since, I’ve come to realise the struggle is a journey. 

Initially I didn’t know where I was heading, I only knew I was seeking.

I was looking for a kaleidoscope through my half closed sleepy eyes. I was looking for the voice of contradiction when I was sure I’m right. I was looking for a silence that isn’t noisy.

Eventually, I’ve come to recognise—through making art— I was journeying under my own skin and out come the guerilla of beakies!