Hi there, I'm Marn. I make beakies and in the making I learn to be a person.

Beakies are energy beings made from clothes worn to threads.

Beakie adoption is temporarily unavailable.

Adoption will resume very soon.

I’m working on bringing back upcycled dollmaking tutorials and workshops.

Watch this space, stayed tuned on instagram and my letters.

Have questions? See FAQ or write to me, ask me anything.
tongue out blue eyes cat made using recycled textile waster

Calico cat Chester

First there was an irregular orange scarp I scrunched and stitched into the shape of a head. Months later, for reasons I can’t remember there was a spare blob. The head and the body are mismatched, the orange head is stiff and flat, the black body round and bouncy. They wouldn’t stay together until l […]

Tortoiseshell cat Drusilla

“Hey, do you have a napkin, I just had lunch at the park,” says Drusilla as she comes running. She was born black but I decided she could do with white patches. Her small and bouncy head didn’t take well to external influence, the large swathe of white split and flake. Never quite the same […]
Scottish fold cat textile art doll

Scottish fold cat Roly

His snow white skin cut from a well-loved tee is worn so thin, he could not hide what’s inside him. He fears what others think of his thinking and feel of his feelings. His head swelled with worries. One day, with his stumpy legs on the pavement but eyes on his memories, he tripped. He […]
philospher ginger tabby cat soft sculpture

Ginger Tabby Angelica

In a lidded box on the shelf Angelica sat alone. Many months later, I took her out. Orange stripes dances around her body made of thinned yellow cotton. What is that at the tip of her ears? She said, “to survive the dark, alone, I became my light.”