Hi there, I'm Marn. I make beakies and in the making I learn to be a person.

Beakies are energy beings made from clothes worn to threads.

Beakie adoption is temporarily unavailable.

Adoption will resume very soon.

I’m working on bringing back upcycled dollmaking tutorials and workshops.

Watch this space, stayed tuned on instagram and my letters.

Have questions? See FAQ or write to me, ask me anything.

Carrie the camel

When I think of a camel, I see long and dense eyelashes half covering large bulbous eyes, miraculous long knobby legs that supports the weight of the hump (and loads human impose on them), and a tongue out to ventilate and to laugh off the plight. This is Carrie. She’s had enough of the carrying […]
textile art doll of an otter slow stitched from upcycled fabric, tongue out with hands in front of the belly

Gladys the otter

The cotton she is made of was well loved, thus washed and stretched thin. Fearing further damage I stitched very gently. That didn’t stop a gap appearing here and the insides peeking there. Where it breaks, I mended. She holds out her arms for an embrace, yet ready to let go at the ready. Written […]
bearcat binturong textile doll

Ben the bearcat

I’ve been making cats for a while. They look like this, like this, and like this. But all made in a similar manner save for ‘fur pattern’ and personality. Pieces of odd shaped scraps were quilted together to form a shape I imagine a cat could be. Perhaps due to the random choice of material, […]
ragdoll fighter cat with boxing gloves by dollmaker

Sophie the ragdoll cat

A piece of fabric with a splatter pattern. It looks like spotted patterns on a lonely pigeon roaming the food centres. They are often smaller in size than their uniform coloured friends, because humans tend to fan the spotted fowl away rather than allowing it to feed. Perhaps like birthmarks or freckles or scars, we […]