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Pocket dollies ready for new homes

After receiving many comments expressing empathy and understanding, I feel, once again, confident that my fabric babies will find love in th...

Kitty cats for adoption

The cats are finally ready for adventures. I’m preparing them for the big scary world by getting them used to the outdoors on the vera...

Hammerhead & kitty cat dolls

It is possible. Love conquers all. Kitty and shark are ready to see the world, as a couple. They know that together, there is nothing they c...

For Adoption


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art Dolls

each has a story to tell
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cuddle dolls

Sits your on shoulder
Whispers into your ear
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Yay! They wrote back!

Hi, I'm Marn.

I draw, mostly with fabric, and some times with ink. I am obsessed with sharing my reality. Read more about me in these posts.
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