Hi there, I'm Marn. I make beakies and they teach me how to be (a person).

Beakies are energy beings made from clothes worn to threads.
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Mighty girl Jacki

Into this world, against her will, she was born. Jacki feels the fire. She burns it for fuel, kindling spirits.
Moon bear Ben Ben recycled textile artist doll

Moon bear Ben-Ben

Ben-Ben is busy, waiting, for apples t fall from the sky.. He can’t tell them apart. Cherries, apples or pineapples, sun bears, moon bears or human beats, Ben-Ben sees no difference at all. Ben-Ben listens to silence sing him a sweet song.

Sun bear Matilda

Eyes wide opened, Matilda watches the dancing dragonflies. She closes her eyes and she flies. The world grew bigger when Matilda made herself smaller. Matilda watches. She takes on all of sun’s creation. Inside her, she has the mountains the rivers and the sky.
Pig Pegasus and butterfly Anthony textile artist doll

Butterfly Anthony & piglet Pegasus

Pegasus says to Anthony, I’ll be your flower Anthony. Anthony days to Pegasus, I’ll be you’re wings Pegasus. On the moon, there is a butterfly with a flower and a pig with wings.