Hi there, I'm Marn. I make beakies and in the making I learn to be a person.

Beakies are energy beings made from clothes worn to threads.

Beakie adoption is temporarily unavailable.

Adoption will resume very soon.

I’m working on bringing back upcycled dollmaking tutorials and workshops.

Watch this space, stayed tuned on instagram and my letters.

Have questions? See FAQ or write to me, ask me anything.

Dollmaking as resistance

“Hear us now”, I shouted standing on a trash bin, among so many others like myself, around which cars had to part. But only in my mind. Most of my life, I lived in a place in which such action could have me jailed. Oh no, I don’t want to be physically jailed too. Help […]

Mighty girl Hannah

Hannah wanted a different life. She moved onto land. Sometimes she gets so tired she can’t walk, she goes to the beach to hear the familiar music of home.

Jack Russell Flex

A bad dream woke him. Flex sat up, crows cawed. He looked up and said to the cloudy sky, thanks for the challenge. I will turn this into a beautiful day. Flex looks at you one second, future you the next. He’s decided. He runs. Jumps. And kisses you all the same.

Greyhound Claudia

She sits. She looks at you looking at her. She looks away at the butterfly then back at you. You smile, she smiles. She’s Claudia. Claudia asks what’s in the night sky. You stretched out your hand. She sits. You lift her up. Her eyes twinkle. Stars twinkle. Jeans waistband twisted origami style became a […]