Hi there, I'm Marn
From 12 Jan 2021, I am away from my Singapore studio. I will not be able to ship any beakie, therefore the shop will be temporarily closed, till further notice. 
While away, I will continue making and exploring other creative ways to connect.
Stay in touch on instagram and my weekly letters.
Have questions? See FAQ or write to me.
bearcat binturong textile doll
ragdoll fighter cat with boxing gloves by dollmaker
front view of a happy piglet plushie with wings from tropical print reclaimed fabric
hammerhead artist doll hand stitched from upcycled textile, with visible mending and 'brave' embroidery
A black haired feminist textile art doll girl marching forward, wearing a protest slogan t-shirt
Handmade Bunny & Cat Dolls doing Kunfu. Made from recycled tee shirt // Marn Made It