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Brown bear Rowan

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Rowan plants his feet in the ground, his head reaches for the sky, everything is golden.

Head in the clouds, one by one, Rowan tastes the stars. He likes berries for breakfast and acorns for lunch. For dinner, he’ll have them all.

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Product Description


Rowan  is 17cm / 6-3/4” head to toe, 13cm /5” sitting. He is widest ear to ear at 9cm / 3-1/4”.

Making & Material

Small scraps stitched to scraps made bigger scraps, like growing crystals, into a bear. Browns and blues at the feet winds up, and become paisley chiffon at the waist before blooming into many shades and textures of green up to the crown. He has little red berries and flowers on his head and chest. He was built entirely from by hand, stitched into place, and modified numerous times before the form took shape. His eyes are embroidered free hand using new threads. There is a white fabric crescent, the moon, on his chest.


Made entirely of scraps stitches to scraps, he is flexible, sturdy but fragile relative to noisybeak pocket dolls, and require more care. He sits well on his bum, but might need a knead and a nudge from time to time. Please do not limbs beyond 180 degree or they might snap.


This is an art doll, not a child’s toy. Please do not let it near any child who rip things apart and swallow. It is also a fire hazard, prefers cool and dry environment.


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