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Dachshund Melanie

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When they laughed at her for her short legs, she wasn’t bothered. She knows she’s closer than they are, to the ground from which all lives springs. When she straightens her back, sits up, and reaches for the sky, she’s among the stars.

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Product Description


Melanie is 16cm / 6-1/2” head to toe (not counting feet hair), she sits at 13cm / 5-1/4”, and she is at her widest toe to toe at 7.5cm / 3”, belly to tail 10c,/ 4”


Making & Material

Her body is made of thinned black jersey, and patterned brown cotton legging. She is made entirely of unwearable old clothes from the local community. Her face is embroidered free hand using new threads.

around her body are two words: compassion, action


Her limbs swivel for pose and play, she sits well on her bum, but might need a knead and a nudge from time to time.


This is an art doll, not a child’s toy. Please do not let Ruth near any child who rib things apart and swallow. She is also a fire hazard, she prefers cool and dry environment.


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