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Frenchie Sandra

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Refuses to be restrained by the brown and white skin, a hand me down from a koala, Sandra bursts at the seams, where 2 pieces of cloth were joint. Also at the back of the neck where I pulled her material in for shaping. Leave a gap, she says, for chance to enter and for hope to take root. 

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Product Description


Sandra is 16cm or 6” ear to toe, 12cm or 4-1/2” sitting and 8cm or 2-1/4” arm to arm.


She is made of many different crowdsourced materials, from different owners and of various stages of wear.

The brown that covered most of her body came from a vintage sports top, joined to an equally worn white thermal cotton. She was stuffed extremely solid and the smallest nicks expanded, and I sculpted her along the cracks. Many parts are not covered, except with stitched to keep the filling in. Her arms are a child’s pyjamas waist band connected to a ball of denim.

She will continue to fray with time, as we all inevitably do, revealing a new side of her to those who love her.

All the fabric and stuffing is 100% upcycled collected from the community. All threads are new.


She is not a child’s toy. She might be strong, but with enough force his limbs and eyes may come off. She is also a chocking and fire hazard.


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Sandra ships as a small package


Send me a text using this contact form, email me at noisybeak at gmail or DM on Instagram. I’m sure we can work it out together.