Goldfish Runa

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She was pale and limp. She wasn’t sure if she’d ever be beautiful by popular opinion. She sat patiently on my desk. She watches caterpillar chews lime leaves, memorised spider’s jumping track, and learnt the meaning of mynah birds’ squawks. One day when the wind was still and nothing much was happening, she looked at herself and realised she’s now bright and colourful.

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Product Description


Her fins can be arranged, changing her size. Measurements here are taken according to the pose in photo. Widest point eye to eye 3-3/4”, head to floor 3-1/2”, lip to tail 7”.


All 3 pairs of her fins made of fabric wrapped wires can be swivelled gently and reshaped to sit taller or closer to the ground. She doesn’t play much besides sitting around watching the sky, pondering secret of the universe.


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Making & Materials

She is made entirely of upcycled fabric. Yellowed tea towels, faded pillow cases, cotton handkerchief, satin sash, produce net, doll dresses and even smaller bits I can no longer decipher… were stitched by hand into Runa. She was sculpted from scratch. The making of her produces scraps that were used on herself or will become another beakie, producing zero waste

Caution & Care

Runa is strong but can be vulnerable too. She can endure being thrown around a fair bit, however her fins may collapse and require reshaping, which means to bend wires back in place—quite easily, do not fear. Please do not let children who chew on small parts to play with her  if you yank her eyes or fins with enough force they may come off as choking hazard.

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