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Gracie the giraffe

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I dropped ink onto her skin of old faded bedsheet.

I watched each rusty ink bead expand, loose momentum, eventually marking its own boundary.

Some beads find their way into another—they merge—like stories we tell ourselves over and over.

Sometimes, just sometimes, when she sleeps, she keeps her eyes opened—looking into the dark unknown, instead of memories that expand in her mind.

Her name is Gracie.

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Product Description


Ear to toe 8-1/2″

Eye to eye 1-1/2″

Sitting 5″



Gracie is fully posable. She has a wire frame, and her neck and 4 limbs can be bended and repositioned. She sits well on her tiny bum. She is quite feathery, with fraying textile on her back, ossicones, and eye lashes.



She is made from an old faded bed sheet. Ink was dropped onto her skin for a natural giraffe fur pattern. She is stuffed with reclaimed poly stuffing and cotton scraps, and wires.



This is not for real children, only child at heart.


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