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Great white shark William

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Grey and blue scraps cobbled up most of the body. The materials didn’t come together well, splitting and stretching in an unpredictable manner. So does the personality.

The formidable shark in my mind was no where to be seen. Instead, he is a boy vulnerable like the discarded scraps he is patched up of.

He wants to be loved not feared.

Back home in the waters, he only swims backstroke so others will have a chance to know him.

Under his belly, seen only when he stands up to say goodbye, reads—please stay.

I call him William.

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Product Description


William is nose to toe 7″, widest 2-1/4″, fin to belly 3″.


His fins swivel for gesturing things he likes. He likes sweets and a clear blue sky. Being a fish, his bum is streamlined, and needs a bit of coaxing before he sits firmly. His bow tie is not removal unless scissors are used.


William doesn’t like to be chewed on or ripped apart. Do let monitor children who do that while playing with William. What more William looking so dapper could be a choking hazard.

Materials & Making

He is made completely of old clothes, each piece joint by slow stitching. He is 100% old soul with a new life.

Shipping & Processing

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