Jack Russell Flex

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A bad dream woke him. Flex sat up, crows cawed. He looked up and said to the cloudy sky, thanks for the challenge. I will turn this into a beautiful day. He wears his heart on his sleeveless birthday suit.

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Product Description


Flex is 18cm / 7” head to toe, 13cm /5” sitting. They are widest ear to ear at 12cm / 5-”.

Making & Material

A fistful of bits held in place bigger strips of fabric scraps into a shape then sculpted stitch by stitch into a form we might call a dog. The light parts of his body is a polyester cotton curtain, housing a flurry of scraps from anything from everywhere. His ears are a mix of linen shirt and cotton dress and I think a placemat too. They were built entirely by hand, stitched into place, and modified numerous times before the form took shape. Their eyes are embroidered free hand using new threads.


Made entirely of scraps stitches to scraps, they are flexible, sturdy but fragile relative to noisybeak pocket dolls, and require more care. They sit well on their bum, but might need a knead and a nudge from time to time. Please do not limbs beyond 180 degree or they might snap.


They are an art doll, not a child’s toy. Please do not let them near any child who rip things apart and swallow. It is also a fire hazard, prefers cool and dry environment.


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