Koala Navin

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Perhaps it’s the double hem stitch on his face, or the 6 geometric patterns that he’s made of. He likes keeping track of the birds that passed by, and the number of eucalyptus leaves he’s had. 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4. He l can’t count pass 4 because I only have him 4 fingers. His glass is always full. A confused but contented little boy Navin is. 

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Product Description


Navin is 17cm or 7” ear to toe, 14cm or 5-3/4” sitting and 9cm or 4” ear to ear.


He is made of many different crowdsourced materials, from different owners and of various stages of wear.

A double hem stitch sits o. The centre of his  lavender face. His white belly is a vintage thermal worn to translucent, you can see make out what’s inside him  every of his limb is of a different geometric pattern. His body has natural curl from the tension of the fabrics, which makes him appear curious and fits very well in your hand .

His ears and unfinished hands will fray with time.

He was stitched entirely by hand, using new threads. All fabric upcycled.


He is not a child’s toy. He might be strong, but with enough force his limbs and eyes may come off. He is also a chocking and fire hazard.


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