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Koala Stan

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Made of a drab badminton club tee, Stan was always overlooked. No matter, in his red boots and pompoms, he cheers when the sun is up, cheers when it rains, cheers when he doesn’t know which way the wind blows.

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Product Description


Stan is 14cm or 5-3/4” ear to toe, 11cm or 4-1/4” sitting and 7-1/2cm or 3” ear to ear.


He is made of many different crowdsourced materials, from different owners and of various stages of wear.

Sports motif can be seen on his grey body. He wears non removable red boots sewn to his legs. Colourful pompoms are an extension of his arms, always cheering himself on, eve when he eats a sandwich. His ears are made of yarn, and his eyes  terry

His eyes, ears and pompom may shed with time.

He was stitched entirely by hand, using new threads. All fabric upcycled.


He is not a child’s toy. He might be strong, but with enough force his limbs and eyes may come off. He is also a chocking and fire hazard.


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