The Ocean Never Rests

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He is the ocean. He embraces the world. He has a heart bigger than his tiny stature suggests. He stands on the mountain, which he climbed with the help of all the people who love him.

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Product Description

3″ head to toe, 4-1/2″ head to foot of the mountain

A turquoise bear made of 100% recycled and 100% vegan materials.

He is a collage of all his experiences, represented by a mishmash of frayed cotton and poly netting, adhered or sewn onto a hand stitched shell.

His face is free hand embroidered intuitively, no two dolls will ever be alike.

Do not wash. Please us soft duster or brush to remove accumulated dust. He has been UV varnished. However, his numerous layers may not have been coated with the same amount of protection. I’d advise display in strong sunlight to prevent discolouration.

####Processing & shipping
He will leave my Singapore home studio in 4 work days via international registered mail. For shipping cost and time please see here

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