Ostrich Astrid

280 $

I started with an egg shape made of a rag that used to be white. To it I then added layers of black tee my neighbour has outgrown.

Wings neck legs and last feathers. Feathers harvested from a sundress, a child’s pj, a crib sheet, what else I can’t remember.

She is made up of so many places and things she can’t be one thing or another. What identity?

The wire in her neck helps her adjust positions. She now sees things from different perspectives, learning about herself through the world.

I call her Astrid.

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Product Description


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She sits at 10″ with her neck straight and does not stand. At sitting position she is 20″ from head to toe. She is 8-1/2″ at her widest, and 3″ eye to eye.




She likes sitting down. Wires in her neck makes it possible for her to pose for photos or listen to conversations at the adjacent table. She does not stand. Her legs are soft and dangly, easily bent to sit splaying, or crossed, or dangled from the edge of a chair.


Care & Caution


She likes kids but only in small doses or none at all if the kid rips her head off and chews on her eyeball. She prefers to think of herself as an art piece like all creations.

She needs regular dusting because of her numerous feathers. A soft toothbrush, a velvety type lint roller will do. She doesn’t like showers.


Materials & Making


Every part of her is of old cloth. Dresses, shirts, pillow case, summer shorts, promotion tee shirts and more. Every stitch, from each feather attached, to the iris in the eye was stitched by hand. See more about materials and environmental responsibility here, and personal meaning for me here.


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