Otter Blanket

200 $

Each fragment clings to another with a few loose stitches and formed a surprisingly strong body.

I squeezed and tossed (and enticed it with food), but it didn’t budge. No response from him.

He sat on the desk by himself, oblivious.
One day when everything on the news was wrong, I cut it open, lessened it’s burden. It slouched. It’s finally talking to me.

This otter— I call it “Blanket”. A tapestry, myriad stories, strong and soft.

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Product Description


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He stands at 7-1/2″ tall, 8-1/2″ tail to toe, ears to ear 3-1/2″ wide. His palm is about 3/4″. He is soft and sturdy. he yields to squeezing.




He is the quiet sort, doesn’t play much. He likes flapping his arms about emphasizing the many points her has to make. He sits well on his bum but prefers putting more weight on his right foot.


Care & Caution


He isn’t a toy, and hats being treated as one. Sometimes he thinks of himself as art as all lives are, but most of the time just an otter made of cloth.

Not meant for children who rip things apart and or swallow them. Blanket can be sponge baths on a dry day. Do not soak in water.


Materials & Making


I hand stitched him entirely from old clothes from everywhere. Shirts, cushion covers, neighbour’s free tees, muslin toile. Zero waste was produced while making him and all others. See here and here for more on materials.


Shipping & Processing






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