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Otter Gladys

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The cotton she is made of was well loved, thus washed and stretched thin.

Fearing further damage I stitched very gently. That didn’t stop a gap appearing here and the insides peeking there.

Where it breaks, I mended.

She holds out her arms for an embrace, yet ready to let go at the ready.

Written on the inside of her arms: Hold but lightly.

I call her Gladys.

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Product Description


Gladys stands at 5″ tall, toe to tail 5″, her feet apart at the widest 3-1/4″.



She loves to watch the water and clouds, and anything that moves steadily and randomly. Her arms swivel to pose. She likes putting her hand on her face, and sometimes on her belly, but can’t, despite multiple tries, scratch her own back. She sits sturdily on her little feet and bum, Her tail and wag with help of human intervention, but not too much of anything.


Material & Process

She is made from some very used thinned out cotton. There are holes somewhere on her revealing her internal world. She was stitched together completely by hand using all upcycled textile, and new threads.


!Caution! & Care

She likes children, but prefers not to be chewed on or yanked at. Gladys may be a chking hazard. She can be sponge cleaned with mild soap. Fugitive stains can be mopped up using baking soda.


Processing & Shipping

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