Penguin Jerry

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The head was too big to be an adelie penguin.

I cut it opened, stitched it smaller, cut it opened, stitched it bigger, and repeat.

The head has been added to and taken away so many times, it is now covered in visible stitches.

Penguin will not be told who he is or isn’t. He doesn’t believe he is destined a flightless bird.

He has fallen on his head numerous times trying, each time adding a stitch to the head of stubbornness, and then getting up again.

He says—I am my own, embroidered on his belly.

I call him Jerry.

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Product Description


Jerry stands at 4-1/2″ head to toe, 2-1/2″ toe to tail.



He sits on his bum and 2 small feet. On first arrival, he may have difficult sitting still, and require some nudging of the bum. His wing are not movable. He is perpetually ready to take flight.



Materials & Making

Stitched entirely by hand, from 100% upcycled old clothes. He is one of a kind, no other penguin looks just like him, even if one was a beakie. Jerry was made from black, white and orange cotton jersey. He yields to gentle squeezing and nudging.



Jerry may be cute and cuddly but he can be choking hazard for children who put things in the mouth. Though strong, his limbs can be ripped off with enough strength, please be careful while playing with him.


Shipping & Processing

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