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Pug Marsha

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Marsha was stitched from a thread bare t-shirt. She is very transparent. She smiles when the sky’s blue, cries when a bee stung. She leaves all the food she stole outside her dog house.

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Product Description


Marsha is 9cm or 3-1/2” ear to toe, 7cm or 3” sitting and 6cm or 2-1/4” arm to arm.


She is made of many different crowdsourced materials, from different owners and of various stages of wear.

Her head and body are made using a well worn, thin translucent brushed cotton jersey. The bits of upcycled old fabric filling inside her shows through, and is especially on the back.

On her forehead are the words ‘woof’ and ‘whoops’, the thoughts that preoccupy her. On the belly is embroidered ‘gentle’, the gut feeling of what she needs to do.


She is not a child’s toy. She might be strong, but with enough force his limbs and eyes may come off. She is also a chocking and fire hazard.


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She is shipped in a Small package.


Send me a text using this contact form, email me at noisybeak at gmail or DM on Instagram. I’m sure we can work it out together.