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Rainbow bunny

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Magenta, turquoise, blue, purple, red. This bunny has all the colours and more. There are metallic gold polka dots accent throughout the back. Many edges are frays for characters.

This bunny comes **with** bamboo support mounted on a wooden stand. Bunny can be removed and secured onto other soft surfaces.

These bunnies are very stiff. The hardness lies somewhere between a stuffed toy and a cotton spun doll.

Bamboo sticks are embedded in the dolls, and planted in simple wooden blocks. The surface of the blocks is white varnished and glazed very roughly to provide a toned down shabby chic backdrop for the jewel toed bunnies.

The entire doll is stitched by hand, from my original sewing patterns.

Their facial features are all embroidered free-hand, no two are alike.

Seams on these dolls may appear bursting, and a little filling shows through on all bunnies, adding to the charm of each individual character.

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Product Description


Bunny stands at 4″ ear to toe, it stands on a wooden block which is 1/2 ” thick.


It is completely hand stitched, of new unbleached muslin, stuffed very firmly with upcycled cotton. It is then hand painted using artist’s acrylic and detailed with hand-stitches.


Please do not wash or play with it beside swiveling the teeny tiny arms.

It can be taken out of it’s stand slowly and carefully by grabbing it’s tiny feet. Please send me a message if you’re unsure, I’ll be here to assist you.

Processing & shipping

I will need a few days to prepare your little buddy for the flight.

It will be shipped via worldwide registered mail at 6 $  for the first doll and 3 $ for every subsequent dol of similar size.

Tracking number will be sent to you via email once your doll is shipped.


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