Shark Gordon

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He didn’t mean to, but when what[s normal for everybody overwhelmed him, Gordon can’t keep up with the arbitrary rules.

When no one was watching, Gordon interrogates the night sky. Why give me strong teeth abut a weak heart?

He -lunged. All that he feared surrounded him. He said hi to everyone. Everyone said Hi Gordon. They tickled him a bit and teased him a little. Then they left. Gordon thanked the moon for chasing darkness away.

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Product Description


Gordon is 23cm / 9” head to toe, he sits at 17cm / 6.5”, and he is widest belly to back fun at 11cm / 4-1/2”.


Making & Material

He is a collage of tees, knits, terry and flannel. The whites of his body is a quilted mix of a very soft baby clothes. His mouth is a thick red rib stabilised by thread teeth. His limbs are all uneven in shape and size. He is made entirely of unwearable old clothes from the local community. His face is embroidered free hand using new threads.


His limbs are fabric wrapped wires, for pose and play, he sits well on his bum, but might need a knead and a nudge from time to time. Please do not limbs beyond 180 degree or they might snap.


This is an art doll, not a child’s toy. Please do not let it near any child who rib things apart and swallow. It is also a fire hazard, prefers cool and dry environment.


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