Tammy the goldfish

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I made it the way I remember gold fishes from my grandfather’s place—bright ping pong balls bobbing up and down in the water.

I joined the colourful remnants to form a soft yet solid ball, and on it I planted tiny wire protrusions.

Her fins are small relative her body, to friends her age, or any fish that survives the wild.

So, she paddles harder, faster.

She doesn’t stop.

I call her Tammy.

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Product Description


Head to fore fins 3″, lips to tail (bent upwards) 6″, lips to tail (straightened) 8″


Tammy’s fins are made fabric scraps stitched to wires. She can straighten to bend them to appear taller, or tilt to either side.

Her head is bulbous. She fits nicely in the palm like a stress ball, with fins slotted between fingers.




She is not a toy for real children. She wants only to play with people who do not swallow her in part or in whole, and that is usually above the age of 8.



She is made of brightly coloured scraps from old clothes, loved or abandoned. She wears them on her skin and moves forward to wherever the brings her.


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