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Terrapine Victoria

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Victoria likes collecting things.

Trims and seams and smallest bits, cut out from making fellow beakies, she keeps them all on her shell.

Camouflage, decoration or obstinance I’ll never know.

Her shell got so heavy she couldn’t go out collecting anymore.

I told her she needs a new shell, she looked at her stumpy feet and nodded.

In her lighter shell, she skips to the garden and picks up a flower.

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Product Description


She is 6-1/2″ head to toe, 4-1/2″ sitting,  3″ thick in her shell.



Don’t even imply that her hobby is play. She takes collecting seriously and might very well snap at your juicy finger. She can literally come out of her shell if she feels comfortable with you. It takes time, be patient, she has at least a hundred years. She sits well on her bum, and her boxing gloved limbs swivel either for self defence or exercise.


Materials & Making

I made Victoria completely by hand using simple needle and new threads. The fabric though, are all upcycled. There are many many on her, as well as inside. Take time and ask her to tell you stories one by one. Making her produced zero waste in fabric, all cuts go onto a fellow beakie and they have on her. See materials & environment responsibility here.



She is not a toy. She can be a choking hazard and a fire hazard. Please keep her out of young children or animals.


Shipping & Processing




Want to know more? Send me an email at noisybeak at gmail, or DM me on instagram @noisybeak, I’ll be happy to work things out for you.