Tortoise Gabe

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I know they are integrated, but didn’t as a child.

A tortoise can’t separate from his shell.

But what if he could.

His home is made of layer upon layers of memories, compressed with stitches, in the form of a shell.

Sometimes he puts it behind and goes for a walk.

I call him Gabe.

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Product Description


He is 7″ head to toe, 3″ thick in his shell, and 1-1/2″ without. The shell is 4 by 4″



In and out, in and out. Expect him to alternate between the two states as he is just like us all wavering between remembering and forgetting. He sits well on his bum naked, or in his shell. If the shell gets in the way, push his body down a little to increase contact with a flat surface. His limbs swivel 360, but not over, constantly looks like he’s punching air.


Materials & Making

Gabe was slow stitched entirely from old fabric, inside outside, shell and body and all. He will live very long, a bit of inherited memories and skin is but a drop in the ocean. The making of Gabe produces zero waste in fabric. See more about materials & environment responsibility.



He might be cute but he is not toy. Please do not let children to animals that may tear or eat Gabe to be near. Gabe can be a choking and fire hazard.


Shipping & Processing



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